How falling down on my face was the best thing that happened in a while.

Life is full of interesting surprises – literally. You know how some weeks you’re gonna feel super low and you just don’t have the energy to take on all of the work you have to do? Well, for me, this was NOT this week. I actually just had a fantastic weekend with my friends, had a surprisingly good Monday and woke up super early on Tuesday (around 6 am) NATURALLY! No alarms, nothing – and I was not tired. I was feeling great, really awesome. Was doing lots of studying, just focusing on everything I had to do. Even yesterday morning, before work, I went to study quite early at Starbucks and was doing really well. Around 10:30 AM I started walking to my cousin’s place for work – and this is when shit went down.

I love walking – I’m walking almost everywhere I gotta go. It’s a great exercise and sometimes I run (which I like less) – and yesterday, I started walking from Starbucks to my cousin’s place (not the first time I do it). Beautiful sunshine, pretty good temperature – it felt like a perfect day and nothing could stop me. So I was walking down on this street and little did I know that not all of the ice melted and unfortunately, an icy part of the sidewalk made me slip and my face received all the hit.

Man, getting hit by cement on your face is NOT fun. I didn’t see any butterflies or any moments passing by – I just saw darkness for a sec (because my eyes were closed) and before I knew it, I was fucking crying. I haven’t cried because of an injury in FOREVER. I cry because of heartbreaks or when I’m feeling sad, but I haven’t hit myself hard enough in the last few years of my life to cry about it. But yesterday, I fucking cried like a baby and then I opened my eyes trying to understand why was I crying – and to my surprise my nose and my mouth were bleeding. I was pretty much panicking at this point trying to get up but I was crying way too much. Not only because of pain (which was a pretty big deal too) but because I knew that most of the plans that I had made for yesterday and most likely for the next couple of days, well, they were just gone. I was just so angry about the fact that all the fucking work I had put in and was gonna put in – well it was pretty much stopped by CEMENT! Ugh.

So anyways, while this was going through my mind, a woman was passing by in her car and asked me if I was okay. Obviously, first thing I said was ‘Yes, yes – I’m fine’ – I wasn’t fine. My mouth was fucking hurting, I didn’t even understand what I just said because my lips were becoming so big after being hit, and also I was crying. So she drove me to my cousins – really nice lady – asked me if I would be okay, I told her I would cause
I knew that my family was gonna be there and somehow it was gonna be fine. I thanked her and went in, still crying.

I got into the house, trying to take off my shoes – but the only thing I took off was my bag and then I ran to the bathroom. My friends saw me and then one of my cousins came to see me – he saw me (before I saw myself – still haven’t been in the bathroom technically) and I saw in his face a little ‘FUCK’ reaction. And then I was like – oh no, my face is gone.. is that it??? – then I turned around in the bathroom and looked at what I became – let’s say I’ve been prettier. Man, my lower lip was fucking ripped just becoming bigger and bigger and my nose was triple its size – also, I seemed tired because I mean, let’s face it – I got hit by something pretty strong so I mean I’m not gonna come out of it fucking radiant. Also, cute moment –  I remember the dog was next to me while I was looking at myself and crying even more and according to my older cousin, he was crying for me and feeling all of the feels I was going through – which honestly made me feel better.

But before feeling better, I was still crying and still didn’t completely processed what just happened – and wasn’t sure what I had to do. My cousin took me upstairs in his room and the only thing that was going through my mind is that I didn’t want to dirty his carpet with the blood. He made me sit down, trying to guide me with my emotions. Ugh, I was in pain and I was MAD. So I was talking and almost screaming of pain. I remember saying ‘no, this shit is NOT fucking fair, I shouldn’t be going through this. This is fucked – I had all the meals planned down, I was studying fucking well’ and my cousin was just there listening and telling me that he knew all of this and it was okay. It was all gonna be okay. Then I started screaming even more just because of anger at this point. Ugh I was so pissed – and then I felt that my teeth were hurting and started panicking  right away. I asked my cousins “OMG OMG TELL ME THAT MY TEETH ARE STILL THERE PLEASE OR THAT THEY’RE NOT LOSE???” and apparently it was fine. My cousin took a pic of me to send to his mom and I honestly don’t think there has been an uglier pic of me. Wow, like I’m looking DEAD!

This is the photo that my cousin took yesterday.

I then looked at my phone for a sec and went on Facebook and I saw that this little boy from Montreal was still missing and that’s when it hit me – this poor boy is missing and all I can think about is my stupid face and plans I had for the week? He probably had bunch of plans for the last two weeks yet hasn’t been able to make them happen because he’s missing. So that was the first step of me calming down and realizing how lucky I actually was. Then I looked at myself in the mirror again and I started to laugh! Wow, my face looked actually funny. The funny thing was that I was taking everything
so seriously but didn’t realize one thing – I was not doing too bad! I didn’t need to go to the emergency, and – so far – still no need of going to the dentist yet.

So I laughed and laughed and then told my family about my weekend and the plans I had – which calmed me down. I realized that it was gonna be okay and maybe I was doing too much too fast. My cousin told me that sometimes it just takes a little hit by cement to realize you’re rushing through things. And it’s maybe true! Maybe this hit was just nature’s way telling me to slow down. Then, I started looking for my glasses and realized that they were broken – so I was a little sad about this but it’s actually the SECOND time that a pair glasses save my eyes from big accidents. So I was pretty happy about this – and I’d rather  have broken glasses than broken eyes.

My aunt eventually came and gave me all the pain killers that I needed which of course led me to a great big nap. I started napping around 2pm and woke up around 6pm with my stomach CRYING FOR FOOD! That’s when I realized that I haven’t eaten all day. So I made myself a shake which was the only thing I felt/could eat at this point and then started watching ‘Beauty and The Beast’ which calmed me down as well.

Honestly though, around that particular time – especially around dinner time – I already accepted my new look which I knew wasn’t gonna be permanent. I had a great dinner with lots of laughter and honestly, I’m fucking grateful in the end for falling down on the sidewalk and hitting my face the way I did. Because it showed me that I shouldn’t take everything so seriously – life is so much bigger than a job or little amenities. It’s all about staying healthy, being happy and finally making sure that you are surrounded by people you love and love you back. Which I am, I truly am – and I am so happy. Yes, I’m for sure still worried that my tooth might fall down but oh well, shit happens. If it does, I’ll just get a new one!

Finally another reason why I’m grateful for that experience is that it’s just going to be something else I’m gonna over come.

Life is fun and hey, “the world looks different from the ground” and that’s not a bad thing.

XO, Nelly

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