The Superman cosplayers you need in your life NOW!

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Superman is a pretty common cosplay that you most likely will see at any comic con you will go to, and God knows I’ve seen my share of Kal-el’s cosplayers. Here are the ones that really caught my attention that I either found on Instagram or in real life!

@Super.samcosplay is definitely of my favourite cosplayers of the man of steel. This Australian cosplayer also shockingly looks like Christopher Reeve! Go give him a follow and check out his other cool cosplays!

@escoblades is a cosplayer from Montreal legit rocking this amazing suit patterned by @brandonogilberto. Go check both of them out!

Whenever I think about Superman, I immediately have my friend @thelastsoncosplay in mind. His cosplays are SO good and he himself is a really great sensitive guy, go check him out!

I only discovered @the_man_of_silva a few weeks ago and I must say I love his cosplays! He looks like a mixed and younger version of Henry Cavill and Tom Welling which I think is awesome! Go give him a follow!


Who are YOUR favourite Superman cosplayers? Leave a comment below!

xo, The Mod Misfit. 


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