Artist of the Day: Tom Odell

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Name: Tom Odell

Genre: Indie Pop

Active since 2012

The English singer and songwriter Tom Odell released his first EP “Songs from Another Love” in 2012. The album got him a BRIT’s Critics’ Choice Award, which were followed by his debut album “Long Way Down” and “Wrong Crowd”.  Many of his songs were used in popular TV shows such as The 100 and The Vampire Diaries to name a few. He is known for his melancholic sound and very emotional lyrics which are usually about love and heartbreaks.

He did a collaboration with the very popular EDM producer Kygo for the song Fiction back in 2016.

Can’t Pretend

Date of release: March 6, 2013


If You Wanna Love Somebody

Date of release: June 14, 2018


Fiction (Kygo feat. Tom Odell)

Date of release: 2016


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