Artist of the Day: The Doobie Brothers

Name: The Doobie Brothers (Tom Johnson, Patrick Simmons & John McFee)

Genre: Rock

Active between 1970 to 1982 and again since 1987.

The band, native from San Jose in California, has been active for five decades selling more than 40 million albums worldwide. The band has seen more than 10 band members come and go, but Johnson and Simmons are the original ones. They got their breakthrough success with their second album which featured the songs “Listen to the Music” and “Jesus is Just Alright.” The band is known for their continuous live performances and the energy that they bring on stage is truly a music celebration.

The Doobie Brothers got their band name after Keith Rosen, a musician who lived next door to the band, brought up the idea of “Doobie Brothers” when the band couldn’t find a name for themselves. Tom Johnston said that Rosen once told them “Why don’t you call yourself the Doobie Brothers because you’re always smoking pot?” They agreed on keeping the name until they would find something better but they never did. 

Long Train Runnin’

Year of Release: 1973


What A Fool Believes 

Year of Release: 1978


Listen to the Music

Year of Release: 1972


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