TheModMisfit’s Playlist Week 2 [July 6 – July 12]

Here’s the blog’s updated playlist!

TheModMisfit playlist is updated every week with different songs that have caught my eye throughout the week and think that you should check out!

The songs are not always just in English – due to my cultural background you will discover some Spanish, French and Hebrew songs as well.

Top discoveries of the week:

“Those Were the Nights” by The Hunter Brothers

I randomly listened to this song on the radio yesterday when tuning in 94.7 Hits FM (Country radio station based in Toronto I believe) and I absolutely fell in love with the chorus! Such an energetic song that makes you feel a bit nostalgic but not in a bad way. I feel like most nostalgia songs make you wanna cuddle up in bed and cry but this one makes me wanna dance while getting ready to go out!

“Freaking Out” by Arizona

So I just found out that this band is gonna open for Panic! At the Disco and I absolutely love their music! I first listened to them maybe a few months ago with their single “Where I Wanna Be” which I adore! An electric music with some mellow vibes to it.

“La Mordidita” by Ricky Martin

I actually knew this song before putting it on the playlist but I hung out on Thursday with my “adoptive fam” who are from Latino background and we were blasting this song which was just so much fun! We danced so much, it was really great!

Check out the full playlist here!

xo, TheModMisfit.


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