Random things I realized while re-watching ‘New York Minute’ almost 15 years later

Sam Winchester? Was this you during your college years?!

Okay so, first off – let me explain the context to why would I watch a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as an adult. Well, Melissa and I were feeling pretty nostalgic last night and decided it would be a good idea to watch the iconic New York Minute starring every little girl’s favourite set of twins growing up. It wasn’t a good idea.

It was a great one!

Oh myyyyy, everything about it was seriously so iconic – from the Mary-Kate’s dirty blonde hair to Ashley’s way too gorgeous love interest – it was legit perfect. But I did catch some pretty funny and some WTF moments that I think none of us realized at the time cause we were too young to care.

That New York train station? Well, let’s talk about that…


So, funny thing you gotta know about New York Minute is that it was filmed in Toronto/GTA and guess what? Those trains? Well, they are actually GoTrains! I guess it makes sense that I never realized that back in the day since I didn’t know what a GoTrain was when I was 10 years old and living in Montreal, BUT – it was pretty cool to spot it.

I spy with my little eye… a baby Jared Padalecki!


I guess it’s hard to actually process it but before the reign of Supernatural on TV, Jared Padalecki was acting in all of our favourite rom-coms film/TV shows! I completely forgot that he was Mary-Kate’s love interest in that movie but that kinda makes me happy tbh, because COME ON! Baby Jared is totally dreamy with his tall and pre-muscular body.

The movie’s soundtrack is actually DOPE!

I am so happy that this movie was made in the early 2000s because that means that the music from that same era was featured – aka, pop-punk music <3! Between the special appearances of Simple Plan and some cool songs from Lucky Boys Confession, The Donnas, Blondie and more, this movie was a rocking heaven.

That last scene though..

So first off, by re-watching the movie I just realized that I knew the song and it was a remake of David Bowie’s song, ‘Suffragette City’. Secondly, once Mary-Kate, Ashley and their boys are all dancing to the band’s music, it’s great and all but y’all do realize that Mary-Kate is supposed to be drumming and there’s no drummer on the drums? I mean, I know obviously it’s a playback but could they make it any more obvious? Come on, Hollywood!

As I said in the title, these were all super random little things that I noticed by re-watching New York Minute. It actually never was my favourite Olsen Twins movie (should I maybe do a blog about my faves though?)

Were you a big Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan when you were young?

xo, TheModMisfit. 


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