What I Like and Dislike from Ariana Grande’s New Album ‘Sweetener’

Can you believe it’s been almost a week since the release of everyone’s new musical bible, Sweetener?’ (Ok maybe I’m exaggerating) 

Well I definitely can believe it because I’ve literally been playing the album every day since it’s been out. I know this album like I know my back pocket – better, like I know useless facts about KJ Apa who plays Archie on Riverdale. (It’s true, I’m obsessed with this boy)

Of course, I find the album amazing now – yes, only now, because the first three times I listened to it, I honestly wasn’t a big fan of it except the few songs that I’ve already listened to prior to the official release (‘God is a Woman’, ‘no tears left to cry’). Now though, I cannot live without some of the songs from the album.

My faves ❤ 

Sweetener: Ok, this song is a bit strange because it goes from a very classical and 50s vibe to a very pop sound. It’s such a fun song though! ‘Flip it flip it flip it, yé’ – ugh I love it! Whenever I drive I just pump it up and pretend I’m in a candy music video – which doesn’t make sense to be honest but this song is great anyways. I highly recommend it – and if you listen to it with me I apologize in advance but my weird obsession with her vocal progression in the chorus.

Successful: I honestly wasn’t a big fan of it at first – it’s a bit of a useless song saying how she’s so successful. But I eventually found myself singing with it and dancing to it – I actually love it. When I listen to it I just pretend that I’m a successful gal and jam with it.

Breathin’: Everyone’s fave, I know – but it’s actually a great one! The different tone in her voice when she says that she just gotta keep on ‘breathin” is beautiful. Also the lyrics are quite relatable “Sometimes it’s hard to find, find my way up into the clouds
Tune it out, they can be so loud” I don’t know for you, but sometimes I will get lost in my thoughts and I won’t be able to differentiate reality from it and it’s sometimes scary because I get stressed out for no reasons – but all you gotta do is keep breathing and remember that everything will be alright.

What I didn’t like

Ok, Ariana Grande’s collaborations on this album (besides Nicki Minaj) are completely useless in my opinion. She could’ve mastered the album completely as a solo act if she wanted because that’s how much talent that girl has. She is a natural and honestly doesn’t need Pharrell Williams or Missy Elliott to be featured on her album. Also, these songs aren’t bad but they don’t reflect the talent of any of these artists.

Overall, I loved the whole album – I mean if I only disliked two songs, I think that means that the whole album in general was a success in my eyes!

Also, in case you guys didn’t see this yet, check out Ari’s insane performance of ‘God is a Woman’ at the MTV VMA’s last Monday night. She literally killed this performance and invited her mom Joan, her nonna and her cousin Lani on stage which represented Ariana’s most valuable women in her life.

What about you guys? Any songs that you liked or disliked in particular? Comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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