Why Watching a Quebec Reality TV Show is *Surprisingly* so Important for me

*When reading this, please don’t take it too seriously*

So, I’ve never been one to watch reality TV shows. I don’t understand the purpose of Jersey Shore or Laguna Beach (although Stephen Colletti has forever been one of my biggest celebrity crush).

Anyways, I don’t get why people watch these shows.

Or at least, I didn’t understand until a few weeks ago when this French Canadian reality TV show announced their candidates for their new season. I’m not sure how it popped on my Facebook feed but it did. And I could’ve dismissed it and ignore it but you don’t ignore destiny. I felt called by Occupation Double’s Facebook page to click on the link and watch the live show. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

So the show started to publisize and introduced the candidates back in the beginning of September. Each of them had a little video about them playing introducing what their hobbies were and where they were from.

Now, a few years ago you would’ve asked me if I watched this, and I would’ve said hell no. “Who are these people and why should I care?”

Well, thanks to social media, now I definitely care. I looked up their names on Instagram and obviously they were all kind of famous on there and also they were pretty close to my age AND they were from Quebec.

Now, being in Ontario is great and everything but there’s one thing I miss – Quebecers. I know, it’s weird because I always say how much I dislike Quebec but now I realize that I do miss it. So, watching this show makes me feel closer to the people in a way while making fun of the candidates AND living far away so that I don’t get annoyed by the amount of commercials that the show decides to put Montreal through.

So, after watching this live stream, I was sooo excited for the actual premiere of the show (which was yesterday) and it was exactly what I needed/expected and more!

Surprisingly, I didn’t find the candidates that much air-headed but I actually thought they were very likable and of course, 85% of my attention was concentrated on Jay Du Temple, a French Canadian comedian who’s definitely in my top 10 fave cute Quebecers list.

Btw, if you really wanna know what the show is about, well it’s simply 6 guys and 6 girls trying to find love and I’m not sure exactly how but they win a beautiful house in Quebec with two new cars and everything they need to start their life as a couple.

So yeah, the show isn’t very intellectually challenging but it’s entertaining and that’s good enough for me. As weird as it sounds this show makes me feel closer to Quebec while staying far away from it – and I love this feeling.

xo, TheModMisfit.


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