Movie Review: A Simple Favor

So, it took me a while to digest what I just watched because holy, there was so much going on!

I feel like the best way to do this review is to start by giving you guys a little description of both main characters.

We first start off with Stephanie Ward (Anna Kendrick) – a widowed mom whose upbeat energy makes everyone around her feel like they failed at being a parent. Oh, also – she has a vlog called “Hi Moms!” where she talks about different subject related to being a mom – so, cooking, natural remedies when your kid gets sick, etc… She’s perfect but she’s so uptight at the same time, she’s basically a horror movie to herself.

Then, we have Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) – a super gorgeous, career driven and not very traditional mom who curses around her son all the time and barely gives him any attention. Oh, also she loves martinis and we give her points for that. Besides these info, we don’t know anything about her.

Now, the only way these two women are linked is because both their sons are besties at school and they wanna have a play date. Of course, our optimistic Stephanie is super down for that meanwhile Emily doesn’t seem too excited for that but is open to the idea of having Stephanie and her son over while both women will be enjoying some martinis.

When Stephanie gets to Emily’s house, she can’t believe her eyes – the walks into a beautiful modern mansion which surpasses what she imagined. Emily’s life seems perfect – perfect husband, perfect job, perfect house – perfect everything!

Surprisingly enough, the two moms really hit it off and become best friends. You can see that Emily is very dominating in the friendship making feel Stephanie a little awkward sometimes, but they are besties and besties do favors for each other.

That’s when things get interesting – Emily calls Stephanie to ask her, well you guessed it, a simple favor, to watch over her son for a night because she’s super busy with work and her husband (who, btw, is this handsome professor) is visiting his mom in London. Of course, a few hours turns into a few days and Stephanie gets worried sick about her friend missing. When Emily’s husband comes back they try to find out where she is, go to her office, speak to people that know her etc and finally – FINALLY – they find her body in a lake which of course opens up 100 more questions – was she having problems? What was going on in her life? Why does she have so many secrets?

So turns out that Stephanie’s vlog fans are super into the whole story and help her undercover some pretty dark truths about Emily – but as she uncovers them, we get to know some pretty intense secrets from Stephanie herself.

I honestly would love to give you  guys all the spoilers but I can’t – you need it to see it for yourself. However, I will give you my honest opinion on it.

The movie was super entertaining – it was weird and definitely took me out of my daily thoughts. I was so captivated by the story and Kendrick’s and Lively’s acting which honestly blew me out of my mind. Their acting skills really showed up in that movie by taking on roles that both ladies wouldn’t usually portray. My only issue with the movie was that it went on too long. They kept on adding and adding some parts that we didn’t need which kinda confused by the end of it.

Overall, I give it a 8.5/10.

Did you watch “A Simple Favor”? Are you planning to?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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