Who I am and Why do I blog?

I’m writing this post in relation to WordPress’ Learning the Fundamentals of Blogging’ and also to welcome the new subscribers I’ve been getting the last few weeks.

So, hi! My name is Nelly and I’ve been working on TheModMisfit for the last five months, since June to be precise, and it’s definitely been an emotional ride thus far.

When I started the blog, I wasn’t sure what my focus would be exactly but I did know that I wanted to write about entertainment and also share my stories revolving around mental health since it’s very important to me. I wanted to show to people that by pursuing their passions they could find some true happiness. I still believe this, but it’s tough to follow a passion when you’re in the beginning of it. There has been some very tough moments throughout my adventures with the blog.

My end goal would be to travel the world and interview artists about their work and how it affects them emotionally and what do they try to convey through their art (it can be music, movies, painting, fashion – anything!) I just believe in creating a platform where I can showcase people who believe in their creations enough to be passionate about it and share it with the rest of us.

I love people and art so if I can find a way to make a living through these two and inspire other people with my writing well that would be fantastic!

I hope that you enjoy the blog and the posts that I publish – if you want to be featured or collaborate, make sure to go to the contact section to send me an email!

xo, TheModMisfit.

One thought on “Who I am and Why do I blog?

  1. I think thats a great goal. And great job getting followers and subscribers… I’ve been at it for a year now and I think i have 6 subs at the moment. Although I thought subs was strictly a YouTube thing. Your goals, as far-fetched as you think they may sound right now, sound very doable to me. Art and travel are two very amazing things!

    I have similar goals in mind. I do a travel blog. But also hoping to generate some income through it while helping/inspiring people on how to travel on a budget and such. I just started doing to the Blogging wordpress class… thats how I found your post… Im on day 1. =)… Ill have to check out more of your blog!


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