David Dobrik Reunites Josh Peck With Miranda Cosgrove

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In case you don’t know who David Dobrik is, well let’s put it this way: he’s basically the Prince of YouTube (King title obviously goes to Shane Dawson). With over 9 million subscribers and at least 1 million views per video, Dobrik attracts fans of all ages with his funny vlogs which are constantly 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

One particular iconic character trait of Dobrik’s is his publicly known obsession with Nickelodeon’s show Drake & Josh.

Throughout his career on YouTube, he’s been so open about his obsession that he eventually got to meet Josh Peck and even became friends with him.

Over the last year, Dobrik got to reunite Peck back with his TV brother, Drake Bell, for one video and yesterday, the YouTube star brought Miranda Cosgrove to surprise Peck one more time.

Watch it below:


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