Watch Ezra Miller and Eddie Redmayne Compete in Teen Vogue’s Compliment Battle

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So, instead of starting the week by reviewing what is probably the greatest magical movie of the year, Fantastic Beasts 2, I thought I would share with you guys the cutest video ever.

Ok, fine – it’s really just adorable because the two most handsome men of the moment are in it.

That’s right, Teen Vogue brought together Eddie Redmayne and Ezra Miller from Fantastic Beasts 2 to compete into a compliment battle. And it sounds exactly like you imagine it – these two adorable beings just saying the nicest things the internet has to say about them.

Watch the video below:

Here’s some of my favourite compliments:

  • “it’s really not fair that Ezra Miller gets to look like that” – @gothstepdad
  • “can you believe Eddie Redmayne invented beauty?” @lesmiserably
  • “i’d probably cut myself on your [Ezra Miller’s] jaw” @lillytrox
  • Eddie is so pure to this world. He is a blessing. Too fragile to handle. I love this human being so much.” – @lodinecerium

What was your favourite compliment? Let me know!

xo, TheModMisfit.


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