[VLOG] Exploring Barcelona

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Hi guys!

What’s going on? So on my side, quite a bit – which I will be updating with you very shortly as promised. 

In other news though, my latest vlog is up! I’m pretty happy with this one because it was one that I had footage for at least a few months now and never did anything with it – that’s right, a lil travel vlog from Barcelona!

Going to Barcelona was not only amazing but it was an experience that I’m grateful to have shared with my cousin Jake. I feel like our past Spring/Summer trips from Israel, Amsterdam and Barcelona brought us closer so to have these memories on footage is really special to me 🙂

Check out the vlog below:

Have you guys ever been to Barcelona? What was your experience like?

Also please don’t forget to give a thumbs up on the video and subscribe to my channel if you’re new! It would be a great help 🙂

xo, TheModMisfit.


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