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The Superman cosplayers you need in your life NOW!

Superman is a pretty common cosplay that you most likely will see at any comic con you will go to, and God knows I’ve seen my share of Kal-el’s cosplayers.

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‘The Grinch’ New Official Trailer

The Grinch is back – and grinchier than ever.

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Understanding the ‘Inclusion Rider’

‘Inclusion Rider’ were the last two words that Oscar Winning Actress, Frances McDormand, gave last Sunday night at the end of her acceptance speech.

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First Official Trailer: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

The official teaser trailer was released earlier tonight during the 90th Academy Awards.

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Why the return of Gossip Girl on Netflix is such an epic one.

Imagine a world without The Vampire Diaries, without Riverdale, basically without the iconic shows blessed by The CW. I know, it’s chilling to even think about it. But this was

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