Why the return of Gossip Girl on Netflix is such an epic one.

Imagine a world without The Vampire Diaries, without Riverdale, basically without the iconic shows blessed by The CW. I know, it’s chilling to even think about it. But this was the reality that we had to live with back in 2007 and before that. A few years when, yes, we had our share of teenage drama but where the gossip was missing. It’s almost as if gossiping was invented by 13 years old teenage drama in that particular year – I know, I was one.

Top 10 times I wanted to steal Blair Waldorf’s closet

Gossip Girl’s Queen B, Blair Waldorf, had a closet to DIE for throughout the show. Which makes sense since her mother was a fictional successful fashion designer. But still, whatever Blair would wear was the next trend that every girls would follow to make sure we would find our Chuck.  Here’s a top 10 of my favourite things she wore on the show.

All about my obsession with Taylor Momsen AND meeting her!

I remember being a teenager, around the age of 15-16 and being all over Gossip Girl. I mean, there was other teenage shows (S/O to 90210) that I was absolutely in love with but GG had something special to offer – a character I could truly relate to – Jenny Humphrey.